Welcome to PathFinder, Your Austin Reiki & Energy Healing Place

After nearly 20 amazing years of teaching Reiki and practicing energy healing in Austin, I will “retire” and soar off to new adventures on December 16. As a result, my remaining schedule is fully booked, and I am no longer able to accept new clients. I am extremely grateful to the many amazing clients and students who have graced and enhanced my life throughout these years.

You will be missed, and I will hold each of you in my heart forever. Many blessings and best wishes as you continue to follow the journeys on your own life paths.

Carrie Laymon

Offered by an experienced, professional Reiki Master Teacher, PathFinder’s high quality, comprehensive Reiki classes will prepare you for wherever your healing path may lead. Come to be inspired, have fun, and expand your entire Being. Texas massage therapists receive 7 CEUs for each class.

Feeling depleted, overwhelmed, stuck, stressed or distressed? Replenish yourself with PathFinder’s diverse set of nurturing energy healing techniques and feel better immediately.

Carrie’s journey of self-healing, professional training, and nearly 20 years experience as a full-time energy healing specialist led her to develop a diverse range of cutting edge healing approaches to maximize your results.

Our animals are just as susceptible to the stresses of daily life as we are. They are exposed to environmental toxins and pollution; they absorb our emotional distress, take on our pain and dis-ease, and accumulate cellular memory of trauma, fear, and injuries. Reiki, energy healing, and flower essences can help keep your pets balanced, healthy, and happy.

When you know the key aspects of your life purpose, everything becomes easier. Find the “beacons of light” that will consistently guide you throughout your life no matter how your specific path unfolds.