Professional Background

Carrie Laymon offers Reiki and energy healing in Austin

Carrie Laymon is a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher. She is licensed by the Texas Dept. of State Health Services as a provider of continuing education for Texas massage therapists and a registered professional member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

She has studied with nationally and internationally known instructors in a wide variety of energy healing modalities as listed below. In addition to her energy healing training and experience, Carrie is a professional educator with a Masters in Education. Prior to starting her therapeutic practice, she taught middle school English, directed the statewide continuing medical education accreditation program for Texas physicians for ten years, and also spent nearly 20 years managing conferences, events and workshops for medical professionals.

Carrie has operated a full-time professional practice of energy healing in Austin, Texas since 1999 and has taught monthly Reiki classes since 2000. She offers a wide variety of resources for those seeking information on self-healing, holistic therapies, personal or spiritual growth, and creating life balance. Her life purpose and passion are guiding others to find and follow their own unique pathways, and to use their special gifts and skills to the highest potential.

Carrie’s Training:

What Is PathFinder?

wolf picture

PathFinder, is a name derived from the spiritual energy of the Wolf. In some Native American traditions, the wolf is considered the PathFinder. In this lore, wolf medicine represents protection, loyalty, teaching, and leading the way through intuition, spiritual wisdom and universal truth.

Using a variety of services, including energy healing therapies, Reiki training classes, life purpose consultations, and strong intuitive guidance, I share healing, knowledge, and experience with a focus on empowering you to find your way—to know and use your own unique gifts, inner wisdom, life purpose, and self-healing abilities.

At the beginning of my search for balance and wholeness, I was a bit overwhelmed by the many choices of modalities and therapists. I soon discovered that there are many valid pathways to health, spiritual enlightenment, and personal achievement. There is no “one right way”, and no one thing that is always right in all circumstances at all times.

I learned that a variety of approaches, at different stages of our life path, is required to most effectively facilitate full balance and wholeness. This led me to study a wide range of complementary modalities to facilitate optimum results for each individual’s unique needs in the moment.

My history of professional work with conventional allopathic medicine, along with the wide variety of holistic therapies used on my continuing personal journey, have created a broad and balanced approach that honors all individuals and all pathways.

Although I thought I was giving it up in 1979, I also found that teaching is a core part of my essential Being and life purpose. I am most joyful when I can see the wisdom gained from my work and challenges put to use toward each individual’s transformation to health, freedom, and abundance.

Personal Background

Born and raised on a small Midwestern farm, I grew up close to the earth and the wonders of animals and nature. At age 18, I left home to follow a childhood dream of teaching.

Equipped with a degree and my youthful ideals, I spent the first five years of my adult life teaching middle school English while completing a Master’s Degree in Education.

However, the disparity between my youthful vision of teaching and its reality soon began to weigh me down. In 1979, my spirit pushed me to take my first big leap of faith. Within two weeks of finishing my graduate degree, I resigned from my teaching position, packed all I could fit in a Mazda GLC, and with renewed exuberance, moved from southern Indiana to Austin to pursue a new life of freedom and abundance.

The journey to Austin led me to what became nearly 20 years of working with allopathic physicians in the conventional American medical system. I pursued the career ladder from secretarial work to building and directing a nationally award-winning program in continuing medical education for Texas physicians.

As happens with many of us, my path to health and wholeness began with a personal crisis that led me on a journey I never would have imagined. Over the years, youthful cheer and exuberance had become rigidity, perfectionism, obsession, self-induced stress, and eventual burnout.

Although I had enough money, a secure job, and recognition in my career field, the state of my spirit had deteriorated as much as my career had moved ahead. I had become a fearful, depressed, obsessively driven workaholic with a negative outlook on life.

Along with fatigue and depression, I constantly experienced aches and pains and a growing list of physical ailments that were unresponsive to conventional treatment. The last straw was a bout of insomnia which persisted to the point that I could no longer function in my work and daily life. I now laugh at the irony of this because it is clear that my inability to sleep was simply my spirit’s way of telling me, quite literally, to “wake up”.

And wake up, I did—very quickly. Prior to this, spirituality, intuition, and holistic medicine were totally off my radar. However, desperation and a severe intolerance to pharmaceutical drugs led me to seek relief through less conventional methods. I quickly found that I responded as positively to energy based therapies as I did adversely to conventional approaches. The next thing I knew, I was training in this work and taking another new leap of faith.

In April 1999, PathFinder was born. The journey has been amazing and continues to unfold in wonderful, unpredictable ways every day. © 2003-2017 Carrie Laymon| 2304 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX 78756 | 512-775-7782