Essences for Emergencies, Clearing Cellular Memory, And Coping With Change

by Carrie Laymon

Rescue Remedy, probably the most widely known of the Bach Flower Remedies, is hands-down the most appropriate remedy for emergencies and traumatic circumstances. Rescue Remedy is comprised of five Bach essences, which as a blend, provide for stabilization and prevention of shock; calming of panic, fear and loss of self-control; grounding and consciousness; and dealing with agitation and irritability.

In an emergency, Rescue Remedy should be given in small doses (4 drops) every 15 minutes until the emergency has passed and the animal is stabilized, or while in the process of obtaining veterinary medical help if needed.

Many things we would consider routine may register as trauma in the psyche of our animal friends. Therefore, no medicine cabinet should be without a bottle of Rescue Remedy and a tube of Rescue Remedy Cream. Rescue Remedy should be given immediately before and after visits to the vet, even if they are going for routine check-ups or procedures.

Rescue Remedy Cream is great to boost healing. Rub it on bee stings, scrapes, wounds, bruises and inflamed areas of the skin. Rescue Remedy Cream has the addition of Crab Apple to the original 5-flower mix, which is excellent for cleansing and promoting healing at the physical level.

If your animals go outside, they are exposed to the potential for distressing circumstances that indoor animals may not encounter, such as fighting or being attacked by other animals. To generally keep your animals free of accumulated effects of life’s distresses, Rescue Remedy can be routinely added to your pets’ water. Put 3 drops in the water bowl, and be sure to add more when you replenish the water supply.

Clearing Cellular Memory Star of Bethlehem, one of the five remedies in the Rescue Remedy blend, can be used independently to clear cellular memory of shocks and traumatic experiences of the past. I believe that any animal with an unknown history, or that has come from a shelter or questionable background should be given Star of Bethlehem as a matter of routine.

Even if the animal exhibits no obvious problems or behavioural patterns, the energetic patterns of the past still are there. Clearing this history with Star of Bethlehem (combined with energy work, if possible) can serve as a great defense against diseases or behavioral patterns that could later surface as a result.

This can be accomplished by preparing a treatment bottle with 4 drops of Star of Bethlehem in a 1 oz. dropper bottle with spring water. Give your animal 2-4 drops 3 times a day for 1-2 months or until any observable conditions have resolved. If some conditions or behavioural problems continue after this time, there are different or additional causes that may be need to be addressed with other remedies.

Coping With Change Walnut is the remedy of choice in helping your animals cope with any kind of change. Walnut can ease the distress of moving to a new home or environment, adapting to the addition of a family member (human or animal), and coping with changes within household routines.

If you know that a change will be occurring, such as the move to a new home, or a drastic change or disruption in schedule, you can help prepare your animal beforehand by giving it Walnut for 2-4 weeks (or as soon as possible) prior to the events, during the change, and then for another 2-4 weeks or so following the change.

Walnut also is recommended for end of life transition. If your animal is coping with a terminal illness, near the end of its life, or very old, Walnut can help it have a more peaceful transition.General Information on Bach Flower Remedy Use Flower essences are purely vibrational therapies, and thus, are completely safe with no interactions or contraindications. It is not possible to overdose or to harm an animal by giving it an essence it doesn’t need. If a remedy is not needed, it will simply have no effect.

With flower remedies, more is not better, however. The remedies work most effectively in small doses given more frequently.

Because the undiluted liquid in the stock bottles of the Bach essences are preserved with brandy, it is best to make a treatment solution for animals if the essences are given by mouth. The essences can be rubbed inside the animal’s ear; placed on the underside of the paw pad; or rubbed on the lips or gums. They also can be placed in food if the animal eats all of the food at one time so they get a full dose.

Rescue Remedy Cream also is completely safe and will not harm the animal if it is licked off after the application.

The Bach Remedies are widely available and can be purchased at a many health food or health-related stores as well as online through the Nelson Bach Centre.