Healing From Surgery With Reiki And Energy Healing

by Carrie Laymon

I have known for several years that energy healing therapy is an amazing way to help our animals when they need to undergo surgery and invasive medical procedures. Even when things go well or the procedure is “routine”, the body registers the experience as trauma. The memory of this is stored and imprinted in the body’s energetic patterns and can later create personality changes, behavioral problems or illness.

I first discovered what an impact energy healing work could have when my cat, Dove, was spayed several years ago. At this time, I used Bach Rescue Remedy before the procedure and again when she returned home, followed up with energy healing to remove the trauma, pull out the residual anesthesia and speed her healing process.

Having lived with cats since childhood, I was very familiar with the after-effects, recuperation process, and oftentimes, personality or behavioral changes, that occur after just a simple neutering/spaying procedure.

After Rescue Remedy and energy healing, Dove healed more quickly than any other cat I had and was the first who had no escalated fear of car rides and vet visits after her surgery. This Fall, however, I was given the opportunity to learn first-hand how to make these amazing effects even better.

When my new cat, Velvet, went in for spaying, I first spent some time talking to her that morning and explained where she would go, why she was going, and that she would come home and be fine at the end of the day.

Having a feral disposition, and then being challenged in her second month of life with a viral infection and several vet visits, Velvet was not well-known for a tolerance of the cat carrier and car rides. Besides that, I had neglected to re-stock the Rescue Remedy, so I had nothing to calm her on the way to the vet. The amazement began when, after talking to her, she cowered a bit, but seemed relatively calm, and didn’t make a peep all the way to the vet’s office.

I had no way of knowing when she would come out of surgery, but late that morning my vet’s office happened to call to ask me a question. It turned out that the tech called just as the surgeon was finishing the procedure, so I knew she would be done within the next few minutes.

Therefore, rather than waiting until I brought her home a few hours later, I began to do distance healing for her. This allowed me to remove the trauma and cellular memory before she ever woke up from the anesthesia or had a chance to register pain.

While I was impressed previously with Dove’s outcome, Velvet’s was phenomenal! When I brought her home, she was still slightly disoriented from some remaining anesthesia, but once this was removed, she perked up and behaved as if nothing had ever happened—”Hi, mom, just another day of cat life…..” She accepted a little more healing at the incision area, but overall, I had never seen anything like it.

After this experience, I now try my very best to have my vet’s office call me immediately when my animal is done with any surgery so I can begin to work on it while it is still anesthetized. Although the trauma can be removed later, I am convinced that doing so before they awaken makes an incredible difference in the animal’s experience, overall comfort, and healing.

If you do energy work, I recommend that you do the same. If you choose to use the services of an energy healing therapist, call Carrie Laymon at PathFinder (512-000-XXXX), and try your best to make arrangements with Carrie and your vet for the initial work to take place as soon as the surgery is completed and the animal is not yet conscious.