by Carrie Laymon

Giving up our expectations and releasing judgment about the positive or negative nature of an event or circumstance are two of the greatest challenges we face in creating joyful abundant lives.

In reality, the only thing that determines how we experience life is our personal perception of it. This often is clouded and colored by our fears, societal expectations or norms, our emotional triggers, and the drive to control our lives.

We are conditioned to avoid what we perceive as painful and to seek what we perceive as pleasure. In the bigger picture of life, however, the universe delivers us nothing but gifts at all times. Our challenge to mastery is to delay our conditioned perceptions and judgments long enough to see our experiences within a broader context.

The more consistently we practice this, the more our awareness expands. Eventually we are able to trust that even though we may naturally feel anger, pain, loss or grief, it is leading us to something of equal or greater value and fulfilling a higher purpose. When we are able to fully embrace and be with the experiences and circumstances of our lives each moment without judgment or expectations, we have mastered living in the neutral zone.

Everything in the physical world is composed of positively or negatively charged energy. This state of polarity, or duality, is the foundation on which physicality is based. Consequently, we create separation and view everything in terms of dual opposites—good/bad; black/white; rich/poor; pain/pleasure; love/hate, etc. Creation of this dualistic base has provided us with the mechanism to experience life more fully, for without knowing sadness we would have no context from which to experience joy.

Our spirit self, however, exists outside constraints of the physical world. This is the part of us that creates the experiences and circumstances we design to help us learn to live in the physical world outside of polarized perception. This is the place of unlimited possibility, of instant manifestation, of the ability to stand in the void of All That Is and create only joy and abundance for ourselves if we choose.

It is only by standing in the neutral space between the positive and negative poles that we can begin to objectively observe a bigger picture and open our awareness to create new perceptions of our experiences. In reality, all things simply “are”. It is only from our perceptions and beliefs that we create meaning from them.

Tips for moving into the neutral zone: Resist the tendency to immediately judge an experience or circumstance. Instead, simply observe it as it is in the moment. The past is over and the future is only the void from which you will create your next experience. Stand in the current moment and ask your inner self to show you the gift of light within all things. By not judging the experience, you prevent accumulation of polarized thoughts and open yourself to new awareness.

Know that being in the moment includes being with your feelings and allowing any emotions that arise from a situation to flow through you. Attempts to suppress or deny these or allowing yourself to become stuck in them are unproductive. These, too, simply “are”. Be with them and observe them. See what you can learn about yourself and others as a result. Many of life’s events are frustrating or painful to experience, but through these we learn and grow into full expression of our true selves.

Let go of expectations and allow yourself to flow with the essence of life. We create many of our stressful or painful experiences from a need to plan and control our environment from a mental viewpoint rather than from our hearts and souls. When what we think we want is not in alignment with our life purpose we encounter difficulty and resistance. Learn to recognize the signs of synchronistic life flow and work with life rather than against it.

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