by Carrie Laymon

Imagine that many years ago you built a house. Long before this house existed, you dreamed about it; you imagined how it would look; and you projected what your needs might be. You then developed a blueprint that represented this house in its ideal state. Its foundation was solid and level, every detail of its construction drawn to perfection.

You knew when you planned this house that your needs would change over time. To plan for future potential, you built a very large house with much room to grow, but you also chose to be practical. Rather than fully completing your extra rooms, you built their framework. The foundation was there; the walls, doors and windows were there; but connection of the electrical wiring was put on hold. Its design existed in the blueprint, but there was no electrical flow and no light.

When you moved into your house, your needs were basic. You existed happily in the few rooms that fulfilled these needs. You were so busy here that, over time, you even forgot that your extra rooms existed. They had been closed off for so long that you no longer thought of this vast space of additional potential.

Over the years, you continued to change and expand. Your living space was becoming so full and cluttered that you began to feel confined and overwhelmed. The space that you occupied began to exhibit the process of wear and tear. The foundation shifted, some of the plumbing cracked, and some of the wiring frayed, interrupting the electrical circuitry. Your house no longer resembled the perfection of its blueprint.

About the time you began to feel completely overwhelmed by your existence, you began to remember something about there being more to this house. You began to explore the realms beyond your immediate space. You found that, yes indeed, there was more. Here was another room, and another, and another.

You began to plan and, with great excitement, ventured toward one of the rooms. You thought you already knew what these rooms would look like and how you would use them. But when you reached the door and flipped the light switch, nothing happened. There was no light and you couldn’t see where you were going. Frustrated, you walked away to ponder this.

You now knew that there, indeed, was room to expand, that a whole new space was waiting for your occupancy. After some reflection, however, you realized that your basic needs also still existed and that the expanded space was sitting on the same foundation as the rooms you had always occupied.

You knew that you could not expand fully until you had repaired where you already were. You realized that while you had been busy with your life, you had neglected many essential things. So you began to repair your foundation and circuitry.

This work took a little while, but not nearly as long as you expected. Your foundation was once again solid and the appropriate flow was restored to your plumbing and electrical circuits. You also sorted through your rooms. You found many things you had collected and stored that you no longer needed. You disposed of much of the clutter that had been making you crazy. Your space once again felt clear and manageable.

Now, you realized, was the time to expand. You visualized your new space and once again felt the excitement of new potentials. Your memory of the halls and pathways to the other rooms was more clear this time. But again, when you reached the doorway, there was darkness. You could feel the light switch. You could flip it and even feel movement as it went to the “ON” position, but nothing else happened. The feel was there; movement was there; but the circuitry was disconnected.

Suddenly, another piece of memory returned. You recalled that many years ago you had actually planned this. The design of the completed connections were in your blueprint waiting for you to grow into them. The next step, you knew, was to complete the electrical circuitry to bring in the flow of new light.

When this was completed, you flipped the switch and your new room was filled with light. The next room was filled with light, and the next, and the next. Your rooms were much larger than you remembered, yet appropriate for your needs at that moment. The rooms were empty, but held an energy of excitement. They were waiting for your imagination to fill them with wondrous creations. And best of all, you knew that when these rooms were full, there were many others waiting to be filled as well, enough to occupy your lifetime and beyond.

Each of us is like this house. We have a perfect energetic blueprint that holds the essence of our Being in divine perfection. While we never are separated completely from this perfect self, our patterning, experiences, and circumstances create “wear and tear”. Life, stress, and the states of our body, mind and emotions fray our energetic circuitry, disrupt our flow and connections, and shake the solidity of our foundation. We no longer have clarity of purpose; our bodies rebel; and our minds and emotions run amok.

As we grow and evolve, we find that our lives have become cluttered. Many things that at one time were useful tools no longer are needed or appropriate. Re-connective Healing is the multi-skilled “repair specialist” that knows exactly what is needed and begins to restore us to the perfection of our original blueprint.

Once these repairs are made and the clutter is cleared, we are ready to expand and reconnect to the fullness of our unlimited potential. Our divine blueprint contains the full picture of who we really are, and holds the complete connections that fully link us to the Earth, the Universe, and Source.

In spirit, we knew these connections. In physical life, we forgot. The full, personal Reconnection repairs the wiring system and circuitry throughout the expansiveness of our “house”. It completely reconnects us to our full potential, and to the full range of tools available to us at all levels. At that point on our path, we have only to imagine, create, express, and enjoy our journey. Our house is a mansion larger than we can ever imagine, and the expanse of its rooms limitless.