Reiki Above And Beyond

Comprehensive, Professional Usui Reiki Training

Each Class Offers 7 hrs. Texas Massage Therapy CEUs

Austin Reiki Class with dog

In your PathFinder Reiki class, take a deep breath, open to your inner Being, and prepare to move above and beyond the norm.

At PathFinder, the energy field is an inspirational playground. Come to have fun; explore; be inspired; and leave well prepared for wherever your Reiki path may lead.

Who Takes PathFinder’s Reiki Classes?

Reiki Master Teacher, Carrie Laymon, has trained hundreds of people from Texas, the United States, Mexico and Canada. Students have included massage therapists, nurses, medical doctors, psychotherapists, security guards, school teachers, students, university professors, military personnel, homemakers, salespeople, fitness instructors, business people, IT professionals, seminary students, children, and even an oil field “roughneck”. Reiki is for everyone and everyone can effectively use it.

Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki

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Why have hundreds of people chosen PathFinder’s Reiki classes?

What Carrie’s Students Are Saying

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. You placed in my hands an energy tool I have been reaching for all my life. The more I use it, the more amazed and humbled I am by Reiki’s transformational power. You weren’t kidding—Reiki does change lives, and for the better!”
—Laura S., Austin, Texas

“Carrie, I have been hiking in the Canadian Mountains for the last 5 days up to 9 hours a day. Both my knees started to give out and I was suffering sharp/constant pain. No amount of stretching or Advil seemed to help. I gave myself 20 minutes of focused Reiki in the evenings, and also during the day hikes. This alleviated the pain enough that I could continue the trip and hike my way down from the mountains. My only other option was to hire a helicopter to fly me out at a minimum of $1,500. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me this amazing gift. It really does work. Sometimes I get confirmations in ways I would never expect.”
 —Holly, Austin, TX more © 2003-2017 Carrie Laymon| 2304 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX 78756 | 512-775-7782