When life offers you challenges. . .

Let PathFinder restructure your energy body—and heal from the inside out

Healing Session

Core level energy healing focuses on the deepest part of your energy field where change is most vitally needed to permanently move you toward health, harmony and wholeness. This work can help you heal from emotional issues/experiences; manage stress at a deep cellular level; develop a sense of inner peace & contentment; create positive life patterns; activate new life path potentials; understand life path issues; accelerate personal growth & spiritual expansion.

Carrie’s journey of self-healing, professional training, and nearly 20 years experience as a full-time energy healing specialist led her to develop a diverse range of cutting edge healing approaches to maximize your results.

Strong intuitive guidance and skillful integration of advanced energy healing techniques create a unique, personal healing experience just for you. Most people notice a difference with their very first session. Initial experiences may include a profound sense of relaxation; more clarity and focus; a sense of comfort, calm, or lightness; more emotional stability, better sleep, etc.

Session Process

Energy healing sessions are done with you lying fully clothed in a comfortable, relaxed position on a massage table. The techniques work only with your energy field and do not include physical bodywork, movement, or tissue manipulation in any way. Session hands-on time varies between 45-60 minutes. Additional time is offered for brief intake and follow-up discussion.

You don’t have to know what type of session you need. PathFinder’s specialty is allowing you to receive what you most need at the time by fully opening to all available tools and techniques. If you do know what you want, that choice will be honored as well. © 2003-2017 Carrie Laymon | 2304 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX 78756 | 512-775-7782