When I got my Re-connection, I was relaxed, and saw colours, especially the colour purple. Toward the end of the session, I began to see a hint of white light toward the top of my head, and I had this urge to raise my arms above my head.

Then the purple colour turned to black. I was in a dark tunnel, but I still had a glimpse of the bright light. I wanted to move toward that light, but I also felt resistance. I knew I was being re-birthed, but I thought, “How can I be born again, since my mother isn’t here?”

All of a sudden my mother’s voice said “I will help you”, and I felt like someone grabbed my arms and was pulling me toward the light. I still felt resistance to letting go of all my past beliefs, and at first, I cried and felt afraid. But once I had entered the bright light, a sense of peace came over me, and I knew I didn’t have to be afraid.

Afterwards, I felt different—I kept feeling my face and looking at my hands—they were like a new person’s skin. I stepped down from the table and felt my feet on the floor, but it felt like there was no weight to my body.

I knew I was starting over, now free from my past. I was, and still am, so keenly in the present, noticing every little thing as if it were the first time I had seen it. I WAS REBORN! Carrie’s personal Reconnection experience