Do You Know How To Fulfill Your Life Purpose?

You were born with a life purpose and path that is unique and special to you. You may feel lost, angry, resentful, or hopeless—or wonder why you are here at all. Or you may have a fairly strong sense of what your life purpose entails, but can’t figure out what is holding you back.

We will discusses your gifts, motivations, and challenges in practical ways so you can understand them more clearly and consciously. When you know the key aspects of your life path, things are easier. Challenges won’t disappear, but clarity and awareness can greatly reduce stress, anxiety and worry.

Find your personal “beacons of light” that will consistently guide you no matter how your specific path unfolds.

How might your life be different if you knew:

What you should focus on in your life now

Your special gifts & challenges

The primary guiding elements of your life path

How you can make a difference in the world

How to accelerate your achievements

How you are fulfilling your life purpose now

About The Process

This consultation uses the life purpose portion of your numerological profile as the foundation for fruitful discussion. It is not a “reading”, but an interactive discussion on how these aspects apply within your specific life. Helpful feedback suggests ways you might overcome your challenges, what it means to use your gifts to their highest potential, and how you might use this information within your life, currently and in the future.

If you want a specific job or career path identified, or if you are looking for a “life coaching” approach to establish concrete goals or steps for a specific career process, this consultation is not for you. However, if you are open to insights and to viewing your life within a more wholistic, universal picture, you likely will find it helpful in many ways.

People report a variety of benefits depending on their situation or level of self-awareness.

Benefits may include:

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