When I first read about Re-connective Healing and the personal Re-connection, I was skeptical. Over the years I have discovered many “new” things that were hyped to be “higher”, “better”, “totally different”, or a “new vibration” that does something nothing else can do.

Upon experiencing these, I most often found they used different techniques and different words, but they didn’t accomplish anything more than many of the tools I already used. Despite this past experience, I was excited and irresistibly magnetized to the Re-connection work.

When I received my personal Re-connection, I was open to receive whatever the greater universe and my inner being had in store for me. I felt it would be of benefit at some level, but I didn’t expect to quickly understand what that was.

When my practitioner began the process, I immediately felt an energy that seemed somewhat familiar to me, yet was extremely different. The high vibrational quality was vaguely familiar, but the intensity and feel of it was unlike anything I had ever experienced in energy work before. Along with the intense vibration, I noticed an expansiveness that felt as though I were immersed in a sea of unlimited space.

As my practitioner began to make the re-connections, I tangibly felt what seemed like electrical sparks in the space over and around me. Consistently throughout the session, I heard little “clicks” as though my practitioner were moving around and periodically flicking/clicking her fingernails at various locations over my body. Behind my eyes I saw light and colours of white, gold, and purple. At some point during the session, I distinctively felt hands on my solar plexus and lower rib cage.

At the end of the session, my practitioner told me that she never clicked her fingernails or anything else; there were no sounds; and she had never touched me at any time.

Throughout much of my adulthood, I have felt somehow “disconnected” from life, others, and everything around me. After years of receiving and working with energy healing, this greatly improved, but I still seemed unable to fully resolve a sense that there was much more to overcome in order to fully express my gifts and to experience a passion for life. I knew I was clearly on my “right path”, but I still felt a layer of fog and a sense of disconnection.

The day after my Re-connection, I noticed tangible differences in my body, mind and emotions. The lower backaches and fatigue I had been experiencing for most of my life were gone. My mind felt sparkly and clear and my thought processes were more focused than they’ve been for a long time. At an emotional level, I felt not just okay, but again, sparkly, clear, and happy at a much deeper level.

Over the ensuing month, the initial changes remained, and I began to notice that I also had become much more articulate, outgoing, self-confident, and more present in life. I knew I didn’t just clear yet another layer of challenges. Through The Re-connection, I was fundamentally changed.

In most ways, I am the same “me”, but now am more clearly focused on how to further develop my personal gifts rather than on clearing the next obstacle preventing full expression of these. I feel I have finally arrived “home” and that all of the electrical circuitry has finally been turned on.

Six to eight weeks after my Re-connection, additional changes became apparent. The ways to accomplish some things I had been thinking about doing for several years began to effortlessly fall into place, out of the blue when I wasn’t even thinking about them. Easy flow and synchronicity increased.

My intuitive gifts continued to open further. I observed a greater sense of clarity and expanded awareness of my life purpose, what I should focus on now, and how I am moving toward greater fulfillment of my highest potential.Donna’s Reconnection experience—a rebirth