“I feel so awesome since our session. WOW!! I’m really impressed. This just goes to show us the power of energy work. It’s too bad so many people don’t understand the tremendous benefit this type of work has on emotional and physical well being.”
—K.H., Austin, TX

“The Reconnection has made a HUGE difference already, and we are both so thankful that you have brought, and will continue to bring, so much into our lives.”
—C.A., Austin, TX

“I wanted you to know more about the healing you did for me. When I focus on my heart now, it feels very peaceful and calm. Before the healing session my heart felt pain and blocked energy. I took a heart healing class that was very helpful, and I did have breakthroughs, but not to the extent and depth of what you have done. Thank you again for your healing hands. I’ve not felt this peaceful and contented within for a long time. I know deep, deep healing occurred.”
—B.D., Helena, MT

“I wanted to tell you what I’ve been experiencing since my session. As I was about to go to bed last night, I noticed that I felt very relaxed, like I haven’t felt in a long time. It felt like a huge burden had been lifted off of me. I also noticed that I was feeling different, like I have changed at a deep level. I slept well, and when I woke up this morning, I literally felt like a rag doll, like all my muscles were limp. I haven’t felt like that in I don’t know how long. Wow! I think you removed a huge amount of stuck emotional energy and my body felt so much better! No way am I going to stop the forward momentum I’ve got going now. Thanks for everything!”
—J.E., Austin, TX

“You are so awesome. I am so thrilled to have found you!! You helped me understand that peace is truly a state of mind and spirit, and that I can find it no matter the hurdles. I can already sense what a big impact this is going to have on this stage of my life. So…thank you…thank you…thank you. You are a blessing.”
—Cheryl H., Austin, TX

“That Reconnection is amazing! I am feeling better than ever. I am finally moving on from the fear-based feelings I had and am more centered. I am finding that my path is easier to find.”
—M.T., Burke, VA

“The work we have done has had major effects. I haven’t had a cold, the flu, bronchitis or pneumonia this year, and no sinus infections. Given what last year was like, I like this much better!”
—Kim M., Austin, TX

“I just wanted to let you know that really wonderful healing things have been happening lately. I’d like to say “thank you” once again for sharing your energy with me. You’ve been a true God-send.”
—M.C., Austin, TX

“I feel wonderful after meeting with you. My session was amazing. I felt different emotionally and spiritually after it. I now feel like I’m able to push out all of the negative energy and continue without feeling tension. I don’t have that blocked feeling. I feel so in the moment.”
—Edee Denmon, Smithville, TX

“I’m so thankful that we have crossed paths. You have helped me so, so much this past year. Aside from the energy work, your laid-back and free spirit has always been a great comfort to me.”
—G.M., Austin, TX

“Carrie, thank you again for all the wonderful Reiki energy and the amazing Reconnection. I really feel like I am blossoming even more than I realized I could. Whoo-wee!”
—L.M., Austin, TX

“I feel terrific. I went home that day after our session and just released and made peace with a whole lot of sadness that I think I had been carrying for many years. Thank you. I feel like a new woman!”
—N.T., Austin, TX

“I believe my session went a long way towards freeing up the blockage I sensed in my abdominal area. My usual experience of abdominal cramping at least once every two days has been nonexistent this week. Also, I have experienced a renewed sense of faith in myself as an intuitive person who is capable of “connecting” to the spiritual energy in and all around me.”
—Jo M., Kyle, TX

“Carrie, you take energy work in Austin to a whole new level!”
—Donna O., Austin, TX

About Carrie’s Reiki Classes

“I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you again for the wonderful class on Saturday. You really taught me so much.  I especially thank you for your encouragement.  It has given me much more trust in my feelings and abilities. Thanks again.”
—H.A., Granbury, TX

“I give you many blessings for teaching your classes. I really feel different, more energy, and a great peace in my heart and life. God bless you”
—I.M., Round Rock, TX

“Thank you so much for allowing me to complete the teacher training one-on-one.  It was wonderful. I’m so glad that I experienced The Reconnection first. That  experience allowed me to more fully open myself to taking the next step of Reiki. Every day, as I study and open up more and more, I’m experiencing a huge increase in energy, intuition and the ability to open more areas of my life to Reiki and healing. Thank you for being a wonderful friend, an amazing teacher and a lightworker extraordinaire!!!!!”
—Linda Mixon, San Saba, TX

“I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from you and to receive my attunement from you. You placed in my hands an energy tool that I have been reaching for all my life, and am finally ready to work with. The more I use it, the more amazed and humbled I am by Reiki’s transformational power. You weren’t kidding—Reiki DOES change lives, and for the better!”
—Laura Shaw, Austin, TX

“I just wanted to thank you for a great day and a wonderful experience. I am already using what I have learned in the Master Practitioner class and notice a big difference. It was fun working with you.”
—Christine, Georgetown, TX

“Thank you so much for our Level I class yesterday. We already have dramatic changes—mostly a lot of peace and centeredness. I have more confidence with it now. You have made a great change in our lives that we will always be thankful for.”
—Lisa, Austin, TX

“Reiki has opened up new vistas, new internal landscapes of healing and self-realization. Doing so has been immensely healing and I’m a fundamentally happier, more confident, more forgiving person. Carrie, you have blessed my life and I am deeply grateful.”
—C.C., Austin, TX

“I have found Reiki to be a very powerful modality in my massage practice. I use it in almost every session, and feel that it has added a new dimension to my work. Reiki has also been a deeply influential therapy for my own healing and emotional/spiritual growth.”
—Tara White, Austin, TX

“Carrie, thank you so much for letting me join your class yesterday. It was truly a wonderful learning experience with other motivated students. You gave me more tools for my daily practice and expanded my horizon for healing others.
—M.O., Austin, TX