Usui Reiki Training Classes

Professional level, comprehensive full day training classes with 7 CEUs for Texas massage therapists

Energy Healing Specialties

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Directly targeting the most appropriate energy level with the right technique at the right time is key to creating an efficient healing process.

Standard energy healing sessions offer a diverse set of techniques designed to maximize your results each time. Carrieā€™s scope of training and extensive experience allows her to address any aspect of your being—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. No need for you to decide what you need. Just call 512-775-7782 or conveniently book online for a Standard Energy Healing Session.

Hands-on time in the office varies between 45-60 minutes, plus brief intake and follow-up time.

Animal Healing

All animal sessions are done using distance/remote healing methods.

Life Purpose Consultations

Consultations may be done by phone or at the PathFinder office.

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